WorthWhile Paper - Kristen and Steve Drozdowski

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Kristen's passion are things that cultivate meaningful connections - whether that is a personal reconnection to nature or oneself, or a connection between people.

Each of their items start with original hand lettering and illustrations, which are then printed using earth-friendly recycled papers and water based inks. We create + assemble every item with love locally in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Featuring a unique blend of nature and minimalism, our designs are created with a goal to bring positivity and beauty into the world. In every piece of our work you will find some combination of simple shapes, bold patterns, gentle symbolism, inspiration from nature, and messages about inner wisdom, healing and love.

A note from Kristen about "Worthwhile":

The word "Worthwhile" has a multiple meanings to us. It's about the process of making. It's also about the process of living. In one sense, the work of designing by hand with paper and all of the steps involved in screen printing take much effort, resources, trial & error, experience and time, but the beautiful resulting print is worth the work. In a deeper sense, the word "Worthwhile" goes beyond making something. It can apply to anything, and it’s continuing to grow as a part of my mindset. I think living a worthwhile life is about taking risks, valuing time & experiences, doing what you love even if it doesn't even seem feasible, being who you really are even if to doesn't meet the expectations of others, going outside, devoting yourself to a practice, doing something creative and being vulnerable even if you are scared, not taking the easy route on purpose, surrounding ourselves with people who we love and who lift us up, creating and nurturing another life, spending our lives doing the things we feel really matter. All of these things are about energy awareness, strength and self-emergence.  What do you want to put your love and energy toward in the only life you know right now? How can we free ourselves from things that are NOT worth our while? How can we expand fully? This underlying current is what fuels my creativity. Even if it is subtle, I hope this energy of exploring and learning and loving to be alive, through the hard times and the good, is reflected in my work.



SCREEN PRINTING - is a multi-step process of printing ink through a superfine mesh screen which acts like a stencil. Since each ink color is printed individually through its own screen, we are able to achieve very bold, bright and precise ink colors by hand-mixing each color to our liking.

ECO-FRIENDLY - We pride ourselves on using water-based screen printing inks and recycled white and kraft paper stocks from French Paper Company, a Michigan paper mill that operates on 100% hydropower. Additionally, we like to use our resources wisely - ganging up cards on larger sized sheets to save energy and materials, using leftover ink from other jobs to make new inks, using leftover scrap paper to make our promotional materials, re-using cardboard boxes from the shop's shipments, etc.

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